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Cutting Chai - Inspiration & Celebration

Posted on February 25 2015

We have recently started our Inspiration & Celebration series, where in which we feature products and their source of Inspiration. In this blog post we are featuring Cutting chai as our source of Inspiration followed by its trivia. We are sure that you are definitely going to love this series. Originated in Mumbai, Cutting Chai is the quintessential drink of the Indian masses. It’s a savory concoction of milk, sugar, masala and tea boiled together in a large steel kettle and served steaming hot by the road-side tea stalls. Cutting tea is so called because its flavor is so strong that it is served by the half-glass. Lot many discussions,debates, gossips, talks, etc. happen over a glass of cutting chai in India every day.
This unique serving tray is an ode to India’s popular ‘Cutting Chai’.

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