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Ho Chai !

Posted on April 15 2014

News, Views & Ek Cutting Chai, The name of our blog, says it all. 

Tea,chai ,chaha,chya,cha,chaya...the humble cup of Indian tea has been a playground to the great Indian drama for years. Having triggered numerous discussions, special comments,viewpoints, debate, fights and gossips, the cutting chai in India has been a worthy witness to what we as Indians turely are. To think of it India is not only about all the masala which goes in a cutting chai but also about masalawhich goes along with it. Ek Chai, Ho Jaye...

Do watch this interesting video: An ode to why we are the way we are :) :)



Incidentally, The team behind this video, Purple Productions has secured 1ST PLACE in the "India is" global video challenge for this entry "Ho Chai". The contest was organized by public diplomacy division of India's Ministry of External Affairs. Supported by Google, Conde Nast & Incredible India. 

so Ho Chai, Ho Jaye!!

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