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About Us

India; A land of thousand stories. A fascinating blend of the ancient and the nouveau. Regional insights and historical adventures. Diverse culture and a wide array of lifestyles. World’s 3rd largest economy and also the birthplace of Yoga, Kamasutra, Sanskrit, Zero, Decimal, Pi, Ayurveda, Chess, Jugaad, and much more.
Simply Put, MAD IN INDIA is a brand about India. Celebrating this Incredible India, capturing the quirks, the colours, the spirit, the ancient, the nouveau and the mystical identity of India. Insightful & Incredible. That's us. We are Mad in India.
As India becomes centre of attraction and subject of limelight, our sole purpose in life is to work towards ensuring that each one in the world celebrates the spirit of India. Celebrating, why we are the way we are.
We, at Mad in India, offer lifestyle products that truly capture the essence of India and its sub culture. And have their own story to tell, which we believe will resonate with people identifying with us.
People who love India, who take great pride in either being an Indian or are intrigued with this amazing, wonderful and truly Incredible India. The product offering includes lifestyle desirable products which depicts India in its vivid form with total focus on joy, storytelling, experience and the pride of ownership.

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