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Our Story

We had been running the MAD IN INDIA blog on Facebook; A blog all about India and taking pride in being an Indian.

This blog brought forth a deep insight – that, the world over have started believing in India. They have started to accept India as the next big thing. One of the reasons being, we have started expressing ourselves more freely and gathered a whole new image consciousness that can be seen in everything we do. The confidence is showing.

We have not only started loving India, but have also started taking great pride in being an Indian and are truly intrigued with this amazing, culturally rich and incredible India. Whatever challenges we may be facing, at the end, we continue celebrating ourselves the way we are.

It is said, a great idea often leads to a discussion and a good discussion sometimes leads to starting up. This is what happened in the case of MAD IN INDIA.

A very casual discussion started on how India which is becoming so Image conscious by the day, even till today doesn’t have that panache, style, product delivery and experience around souvenirs. How world over, the entire souvenir business is so organized and how these souvenirs not only help trigger happy memories but also present the geography, place or occasion in all its glory, pride and finesse. In India, even today, souvenirs are handicraft items sold through some shanty shops. This may appeal to some, but just not to others.

Once we started researching the idea, one thing led to other and 3 pain areas were identified.

  •  “I would love to carry a souvenir as a symbol of all the beautiful memories of the geography, place or occasion I visited. Whenever I look at it, it will spark memories of those good times.”
  •  “I am very image conscious. I want symbolism, which is an extension of my personality and lifestyle for my home and me. I want great products which reflect my taste.”
  •  "I am forever at loss when looking for something exclusive to gift. I would love to pick a gift, which would just be right and say something about me."

We were very excited and that’s how MAD IN INDIA was born.

Actually the credit to this name goes to one of our dear friend. What a beautiful wordplay, which captures the true essence of the offering; An interesting take on Indian-ness. Made in India and Mad in India.

At MAD IN INDIA, the vision is to become an India-story lifestyle accessories destination and brand.

And India is a land of thousand stories. A fascinating blend of the ancient and the nouveau. Regional insights and historical adventures. Diverse cultures and a wide array of lifestyles. The birthplace of Yoga, Kamasutra, Sanskrit, Zero, Decimal, Pi, Ayurveda, Chess, Jugaad… one can go on and on and on. 

At Mad in India the product offering includes lifestyle desirable products, which depict India in all its vividness form with total focus on joy, storytelling, experience and the pride of ownership. An expression of your aesthetic taste and lifestyle, it offers a range of Lifestyle products and accessories, which have an integral India story and Indianness in its designs. 

Celebrate India by owning a piece of it. Own it or Gift it, these products are sure to trigger great stories.

And the going? So far so good.

MAD IN INDIA is a young company with a great set of Individuals. A blend of young dynamic and fresh people coupled with some experienced set of handpicked professionals.

All of us have come together and set course on this mission; A mission to make it a Global Lifestyle Brand. To work towards ensuring that each one in the world celebrates the spirit of India by owning a piece of it.

With a proven track record, we are focused. And hungry. We have a point of view, but we appreciate other’s too. We are madly in love with what we do. Always sincere. Never serious. Work hard. Party harder. Believe in simplicity. Common sense is our work philosophy. Great Design our language of communication. Always questioning the accepted wisdom, we firmly believe that if one feels strongly enough about something, its probably right.

Let's meet up some day over a cutting chai in our office. We are sure happiness will be mutual.


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